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Table Tennis TableThe very base of the game table tennis depends on the table. No table tennis game is complete without the use of the table and hence the name "table tennis". Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, a proper table is very essential for the game.

Table Tennis Table Dimension Tables for table tennis must comply with the regulation dimensions:
  • Length: 9 feet (2.74m)
  • Width: 5 feet (1.525m)
  • Height: 2 feet 6 inches (76cm)
The net's length and height are respectively 6 feet (1.83m) and 6 inches (15.25 cm).

Table Tennis Table Dimension

Color of the Table The surface of the table must be a dull, non-reflective color that contrasts with the white and orange colors of the balls. Black, navy blue, and green are popular colors.

Types of Table Tennis TablesThough for a professional player, a full sized table is required, there are other varieties of table tennis tables available in the mrket for not so professional players and children and for beginners.

Conversion Table Top: This table is ready for use in an instant and when not in use, it can be easily stored. The advantage of this table is that it fits over a pool table or other flat surface.

Mini table tennis table: This is for fun, specially designed for kids and juniors. There are different mini tables for tennis. They can be easily carried and stored.

Mini Table Tennis Table Novelty mini table tennis tables: They are really very small sized table tennis tables of 12 inches length, 8 inches width and 2 inches height. Accompanied with two rackets and ball, they are widely used in picnics and in outdoor activities for fun.

Swimming pool table tennis tables These can be used in swimming pools. With a dimension of 54 x 27 inch, these are floating tables, having a hard surface top but soft sides, so as to not to hurt the swimmers nearby. With over sized floating rackets, net and balls, these tables can also used as a tabletop game outside the pool.

Features to Look For in a Table Tennis TablesIf you are interested in purchasing a table tennis table, theer are certain features that you can consider such as follows:
  • Playback position: This type of table is good for beginners and children. Here the one side of the table can be lifted vertically to practice alone.
  • Table Surface Thickness: All indoor table tennis tables are normally 1/2" to 1" thick. A table thicker than 3/4" is recommended for serious players as they offer a consistent bounce. Outdoor tables are are made of aluminum or resin and are thinner, which leads to a metallic bounce.
  • Frame Chassis and Legs: These play a vital role is determining the stability of the table
  • Rollaway or Stationary: Rollaway tables have wheels and can be moved from one place to anothe. The wheels have locks. But stationary tables are more stable. But if you are not a professional player and there is space constraint, it is better to go for a rollaway table.
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