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Surfing BoardSurfboards are one of the essential piece of surfing equipment. They are long, buoyant decks used for surfing on sea, river, or lake water. They are light weight and strong enough to sustain the weight of one person.

Materials Used
Surfboards were originally made of wood or balsa. They were 15m long and extremely heavy. The construction and design has come a long way since that. Surfboards used at present are made of polystyrene or polyurethane. They are also shaped out of foam finished with fiberglass coat and polyester or epoxy resin. Hollow carbon fiber or aluminum is also used for some special light weight surfboards.

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Modern Classification of Surfboards
Basically there are four types of surfboard design:
  • Thruster: The most famous type of surfboard, also known as shortboard. It is mostly used for quick maneuvering on waves. The size is from 5'8'' to 6'10''.

  • Malibu: In Malibu the nose is rounded. It is also known as longboard. The range of size is 7'2'' to 9'0''. Usually it has a single fin but it can have any number of fins as there is no limitation on it.

  • Fish: It is very similar to shortboard though smaller in length. Slightly increment in its width is to makeup the length. The size range is between 4'8'' to 6'0''.

  • Gun: It is bigger form of shortboard, used in big wave arena. Its size is from 7'2'' to 12'.

Surfboard For The Beginner:
  • If you are a beginner then Malibu is the best choice for you. Because, they are bigger and thicker which help easy catching with waves and also they are more stable to stand upon. The ideal board would be of foam (called Foamies) and it should be around 9 feet long.

  • Another good option for beginners is pop-out, mainly made of foam covered with thick layer of fiberglass. It is an inexpensive substitute to fiberglass surfboard. They are almost indestructible. It is a very good choice for starters as they float really well.

Surfing Sporting Goods Exporters Sporting Goods Trade Leads

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