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Netball Netball is a ball sport, adapted from the game of basketball and played between two teams of seven players. The netball sport has many similarities with basketball, as the game originated from early versions of women's basketball. It developed as a distinct sport in the 19th century in England, from where it spread to other countries. Netball game has found its predominance in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, South Africa, Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom, and various other Commonwealth countries and is predominantly played by women.

Netball Team A netball team consists of seven players. The positions of each of the players is as given below:
  • GK - Goal Keeper
  • GD - Goal Defence
  • WD - Wing Defence
  • C - Centre
  • WA - Wing Attack
  • GA - Goal Attack
  • GS - Goal Shooter
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Netball Sports Products/Equipment Used in Netball Netball products or equipment used in Netball or sporting goods comprise of the equipment used in the game. Manufacturers and suppliers of sports goods in India have been producing high quality netball equipment that meet international standards. The most important net ball sports products are :
  • Court: Court should be very firm and for International matches it is generally wooden.Court is 30.5m long and 15.25m wide and divided into three equal parts by transverse lines into a centre third and two goal thirds. The transverse lines run parallel to the goal lines. All the lines are considered part of the court and should be 50mm in width. In the center of the court there is a centre circle, which is a circle 0.9m in diameter.
  • Netball:The netball ball is the hybrid of a soccer ball and a basket ball. There are two different netball official sizes. Size 4 ball is used for young netball players ranging from ages 8 to 10 years. This ball is also known as netta. Size 5 ball is used for ages 10 years old and up, which is the actual netball.
  • Goal Posts: Two posts are used, one positioned at each end of the court. The post height is 2.4 meters or 8 feet high, used for ages 8 to 10 years. While for ages 10 years old and up, the netball goal post height is 3.05 meters or 10 feet high. This is same as basketball. The equipment used in netball needs a very firm surface.International matches are held in indoor stadiums and mostly the ground is made from wood.
  • Netball Systems: Netball system is a portable unit, where there is a goal posts with the netball ring, and can be used in homes, schools and sports centers.
  • Netball Ring: Netball ring is similar to a basketball ring but the difference is that it doesnot have a backboard.
  • Uniform: Registered playing uniform is worn by all the players.
Netball Sports Accessories: Netball accessories include post protectors. Click on the sporting accessories listed below to view its description. Netball accessories include post protectors.
  • Post Protectors
  • Bibs : Positional bibs marked with the seven positions must be worn by the players.
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Netball Accessories: Post Protectors

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