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Handball Handball is a name given to different sports. There are different variations of handball depending on their origin, but the two most common and popular forms of handball are Team handball and American handball. Team handball originated in Europe in early 1990s. Consisting of two teams with seven players, team handball is played in the Olympics. The main idea of this team handball game is to throw the ball into the opponents' goal. It is something similar to a cross between basketball and soccer. Americalhandball originated in the United States way back in 1880. This game is similar to squash. The only difference is that the players hit the ball with their hands instead of using a racquet. Both types of handball game are fun sports and offers a great workout.

To know in details about how the handball game is played, check out our article: The Basics of Handball Rules.

Handball Sports Products Handball products or team handball products comprise of the equipment used in the game of handball. Manufacturers and wholesalers of sports goods have been producing high quality team handball equipment. All that is required in team handball are the ball and the posts and nets. Although similar to a basketball and a soccer ball, it is to be noted that a handball is neither of the two. The ball should be soft and capable of being passed easily. It should not be hard as soccer, though the design is similar. Click on the following links to know in details: We offer wholesale Handball Equipment and Accessorties. Send us your requirement for handballs, handball nets, handball gloves etc...Get prompt response from genuine Handball Equipment Supplier. Click here to send your query
Handball Sports Accessories Handball accessories include a number of things, the most important of which is the gloves. Click on the link below to view its description. Besides the gloves, the handball game, specially the Americal handball requires eye protection gear. Safety spectacles and eye guards are essential in a handball sports. Because the size of the handball is small compared to that of larger balls used in basketball or football which can be blocked with your hands, a flying hand ball can easily hit the player's eye. Safety specs are thus a requirement for the game. Similarly special shoes are also required. Any form of sports shoes are appropriate for handball however there are specialised handball shoes also available in the market which are generally not used at the social level but are used in the international level.

Handball Game Popularity The Scandinavian countries, Germany and the former Soviet Union were the main powerhouses in world Handball initially. But from the last decade of the 20th century, the popularity of the sport has increased in the Southern and Western European countries. It has become popular in the Far East as well. In the present scenario, the strongest national teams of the world are the teams from Egypt, France, Denmark, and Korea. Handball game is also played in all parts of America, Australia, Canada, Britain and Ireland at present. The teams from these countries do compete at Olympic and World championships regularly but they are not amongst the top ranking countries of the world. At present, there are 159 member federations representing the world organisation, IHF. There are approximately a total of 31 million players, officials, trainers, and referees that are members of this huge organisation.

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