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Golf Clubs are a set of tools used by the player to hit the ball in the game of golf. A golfer can have more than one club. But according to the law a maximum of 14clubs are allowed for a player. A typical set of golf clubs includes three woods, two wedges, a putter, and eight irons (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons, plus a pitching wedge). Golf clubs include these clubs in its armoury.

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Golf Woods Golf Irons Golf Putters
Golf Wedges Golf Hybrids Golf Drivers/Fairway wood

Golf Woods
Woods or golf woods are the largest golf clubs in a golfers kit. They are designed to hit the balls hundred of yards in a single hit. Woods head were originally made of woods of different kinds like, maple or persimmon wood. That's why they are named woods. Now-a-days woods are made of titanium, hollow steel or composite materials. So they are also called metal woods. Woods itself is of many sizes and are numbered. Driver, the 1 wood, is the longest wood. Having the biggest head, it is perfect for use off the tee. The shorter woods are known as fairway woods. Among them 3 and 5 woods are used generally and 2, 4, 7, 9 are occasionally used.

Length: 43.5 inches was the most common length of golf wood used earlier. Currently 45 inch golf woods are the standard ones. Shorter driver shafts,though reduces distance slightly,but are easier to use so some golfers prefer them. 48 inches is the maximum permissible length of woods shaft.

Golf Irons
In a golfers kit irons or golf irons are the most multifaceted clubs. Irons are used for shorter distances than woods. They allow the advanced golfers to hit different shots with the same club. The different varieties of iron clubs, numbered from 1 to 9, allow a golfer to use it as wood. Low numbered irons are used as woods while high numbered irons (wedges) are designed to hit the ball to shorter distances. The shortest irons are called wedges. Irons are present in the greatest variety, from the low-numbered clubs designed to hit a ball nearly as far as a wood, to the high-numbered irons and wedges designed to send the ball a short distance in a high, arcing trajectory.

Around 20 to 25 years ago the golf irons produced by all companies were constructed such that most of the weight saturate in the lower part or centered. But now-a-days the irons are constructed a of same weight but it is distributed uniformly throughout the body. Earlier the head of these clubs were made of steel. Modern iron heads are made of metallic alloys and are larger in size and have bigger sweet spot thus enhancing the chances of good results.

Golf Putters
Putters or golf putters have a different job than woods and irons. They are used to hit the ball with a gentle swing along the ground and put the ball in a hole. Putters are designed to transfer lesser energy than woods or irons. The head of golf putters have various shapes like blocks, blades, long, short, thin, thick etc. Also various patterns of lines are found on the face of head.

Golf Wedges
Wedges or golf wedges are derived from irons specially used to play shorter shots. Usually wedges have a loft more than 44 degrees. They also have different varieties like: Pitching wedges, sand wedges, Gap wedges, Lob wedges. Wedges are often used when shots are played from difficult grounds to greens, like from sand or the rough to the green. Manufacturers are now providing most loft between 48-60 degrees in a variety of bounces.

Golf Hybrid woods
Hybrid woods are a special type of wood which is combined with straight hitting characteristics of irons and low center of gravity of higher lofted woods. They are often used for long distance shots from difficult rough. They can be used for almost any shot where the player feels awkward using along iron.

Hybrid or Hybrid wood is being used more often by quality golfers due to its ease of use and increased height applied to the shot. Most of the professional golfers carry at least one hybrid club in their golf kit.

Golf Drivers/Fairway Wood
Golf drivers or simply drivers are most often used off the tee, although more advanced players may choose to use a driver off the fairway when extra distance is required. A fairway or metal wood can also be used off the tee if the hole is narrow and requires a little more of a precision shot, or if the hole is shorter and you don't need all the distance that a driver may provide. Fairway and metal woods also are used for a wide variety of "utility" shots, including tight lies in the rough, or in fairway bunkers.

Drivers are made of either steel, graphite, or composite. Steel headed drivers are slightly inexpensive but heavier than graphite drivers. Steel golf drivers also provide a better control over shots but require a faster swing. Titanium drivers are lighter and have large sweet spot areas. Composite golf drivers are very light weight.

Different Parts of Club:
A set of golf clubs consist of several tools. They differ in their size, shape, and purpose. But all of them have similar construction. They have three basic parts.
  • Head : The part of club with which the ball is hit.
  • Grip: The part of club used to hold it.
  • Shaft: That part of club which joins the head with shaft.
Parts of Club

The Head
Head is that section of a golf club which is responsible for transferring all energy gained from the swing to the ball. The variation in the appearance of golf club heads is more than there is in either shafts or grips.

The Grip
The importance of grip lies in the fact that it is the part which connects the club to the golfer's hands. According to the rules of golf the grip has to be round. It must be without any irregular surface. Grips are usually made of rubber or leather with an array of small holes, grooves or ridges. Sizes of grips varies to suit different grip styles and hand sizes.

The Shaft
The shaft is the portion of the golf club which joins the grip to the head. Usually it is round. Shafts are generally made of either steel or a carbon-fiber and resin composite. Carbon fiber shafts are lighter than steel ones but they are more expensive. The transmission of vibrations is different in steel than carbon fiber, as a result of that players have different feeling in using different shafts.

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