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We are one of the leading and renowned manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of range of feild hockey sticks including wooden hockey sticks and composite hockey sticks. The feild hockey sticks have maintained its traditional shape. The three important parts of a hockey sticks are described below:

Length of Hockey Sticks
The traditional length of hockey sticks have been 36'' or 1 yard. But in least few years the length has increased by 0.5 inches. However there is no set restriction on the maximum length of hockey sticks.

Weight of Hockey Sticks
Traditionally hockey sticks come in three category by weight: Light (L), Medium (M) and Heavy (H). Recently FIH specified the maximum weight for a hockey stick to be 737 grams. Though players common preference is slightly lower than this.

Different Parts of Hockey Stick
The Handle: The diameter of handle part is approximately same for senior players sticks. It is about 25-30mm without a grip. For junior players the diameter is proportionally reduced.

The Head: A lot of options are available with regard to the head of a hockey sticks. It includes the amount of curvature as well as some newer innovations, like special rubberized inserts and indented concave faces for improved feel and control.

The Shaft: There is limited variations seen in hockey stick's shafts. Some manufacturers do offer features which attempt to increase stiffness or aid control. After all in the vast majority of sticks the cross section tends to be fairly consistent.

Choosing the Correct Head Shape
The introduction of artificial playing surfaces in hockey has brought in a number of different hockey stick head shapes. So many shapes are developed to offer more control on the ball especially on the reverse side.

Shorti Shorti Head:
The shorti head hockey sticks has very small head recurve. It provide a small hitting sweeting spot along with small surface area for ball control. Its demand has declined over the last 8 to 10 years or so, because sticks with other shapes are providing more surface area and players are getting a lot more benefit from them.

Maxi Maxi Head:
As the development of laminate head construction improved, the maxi head provided more control area on reverse playing side. It provided larger sweet spot thus helping in creating power hit shots and passes. This head has more open recurve. It help the players to develop the skills to trap the ball in the space between the toe of the head and the shaft, often referred as dragging frequently appeared at short corner injections. Now maxi head is globally used and accepted in international arena as well as in domestic circuits.

Hook Hook Head:
During the transition of game from grass to artificial playing surface, those players who had a more upright style needed sticks with head shape providing larger surface area on the reverse stick side. To fulfill all their demand the manufacturers came with hook head. Forwards, who pass and receive the ball at a rapid rate (usually more upright) prefer this option. Recently more players are adopting the style of lower playing position, and they prefer hook head sticks.

Hockey Sticks: Materials
Wood has been the traditional material for constructing wooden hockey sticks especially Mulberry. But as the game started being played on sand and water based surfaces, a lot of additional materials have been introduced in manufacturing hockey sticks. In 1990s aluminum sticks were introduced. Their invent brought more hitting power in the game but along with frequent injuries. Subsequently the use of metallic ingredients in hockey sticks was banned. Then became the introduction of composite materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber, and Kevlar. Wooden hockey sticks made with these materials were lighter, stiffer, cheaper and with the feel of traditional wood as well.

Wood Vs Composite Hockey Sticks
From the introduction of composite materials in hockey sticks the debate of better one is always on. We will take a look on merits and demerits of both of materials.

Benefits of Wood:
  • Wood is cheaper than composite materials and therefore results in reduced retail prices.

  • The wooden hockey sticks have a natural softer feel for the ball which many players favor.
Benefits of Composite:
  • The heads are designed such that it provide a larger sweet spot.

  • More power to weight ratio i.e. strength and stiffness both can be acquired by a lightweight composite stick.

  • They are much more consistent in their weight, stiffness and power. It means two sticks of equal specification level will feel and perform to the same level.
Disadvantages of Wood:
  • Wooden hockey sticks possess a smaller sweet spot.

  • Since wood sticks are handmade it is rare to get any two similar sticks.

  • Wooden hockey sticks show inconsistencies in the quality, moisture content and density of the wood. Due to these characteristics, two sticks of exactly the same specification perform completely differently.

  • Wood has a tendency over time to absorb moisture which leads to loss of power and prone to breakage.

  • The wooden hockey sticks require additional protection as they are more susceptible to wear on sand based surfaces.
Disadvantage of Composite:
  • They are harsher and have less refined feel for the ball.
  • More expensive than a wooden stick of a comparable specification.
Field Hockey Sporting Goods Exporters Sporting Goods Trade Leads

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