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Cycle HelmetHelmets can save your life by reducing the impact of collision. Though it can't be guaranteed that they can withstand all head injuries. It is because cycle helmets are designed to withstand an impact equal to an average cyclist traveling at 12mph.

Construction of Cycle Helmets
Cycle helmets are such designed that they could almost reduce the amount of impact. A stiff layer of foam is laid inside these helmets which absorbs most of the kinetic energy. In this process it gets damaged but reduces the impact of collision thus saving cyclists life. Modern cycle helmets carry a layer of expanded polystyrene (EPS). Actually it is the plastic foam material, which is sacrificed in an accident as it absorbs a major impact.

Bicycle helmets are made from expanded foam polystyrene. Polystyrene is structurally stiff and it can be molded virtually into any shape. It is such type of material which is easy to damage by crushing because it contains a lot of small air spaces. The process of crushing absorbs energy. These facts help in making ideal helmets for the construction of bicycle helmets.

Proper Fit
The most important thing before buying a cycle helmet is its size. Your helmet should fit perfectly in your head so that the amount of contact area between the head and helmet should be maximum. It reduces the impact of collision. To understand why size and fit is so important, you need to understand how a helmet works. Here is the graphics of two persons wearing helmet. Left one has got an unfit helmet and right one is perfectly fit


Effect of Fit and Unfit Helmet:
The helmet in left figure doesn't fit properly and it has less amount of contact area than the one in the right figure which fits perfect and covers more amount of contact area. The amount of contact area is directly related to the absorption of energy during collision. Higher the contact area more the energy absorbed and hence less is the impact of collision which in turn increases the safety.

Try the helmets before buying:
Before buying a cycle helmet for you must try a lot before finalizing it. Even the same size helmets of different manufacturers have different fittings.
  • It should be close fitting around all the head.
  • The gaps can be filled by using soft foam pads supplied with the helmet.
  • Some manufactures use sizing rings in helmets to fit properly.
Cycling Sporting Goods Exporters Sporting Goods Trade Leads

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