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BicycleThe bicycles used for racing purposes have some different characteristics compared to other bicycles. There can be many categories of bikes related to its use like: Racing bicycles, mountain bicycles, touring bicycles etc. They are designed for power, and speed.

Bicycle Size
People of different age group and different heights require bicycles of varying sizes. The sizes of rims, and frames differ from one size to other. You must know which size suit you best.

Wheel Rim Size
Height Wheel rim size
28-38 inches 12 inch
38-48 inches 16 inch
48-60 inches 20 inch
Adults (5'+ ) 24 inch
Adults (6'+ ) 26 inch

Frame Size
Frames are measured from the top of seat tube to the mid of bottom bracket. Different frames suit to different cyclists. Cycles for adults come with 12 to 26 inch frames.

Racing Bicycles
These cycles are very light weight, provided with minimal accessories. Their handles are dropped to attain aerodynamic position for cyclists. They have relatively narrow gear range.

Downhill Full-Suspension Bicycle
It features an alloy downhill-specific suspension MTB frame and an alloy double-crown DH suspension fork. Hayes front and rear disc brakes provide strong stopping power.

  • Full Suspension Mountain Bike Front and rear suspension work that give smooth overall ride by absorbing harsh bumps.
  • Bike Frame is made of Aluminum
  • Top of the line shifters that are ergonomically designed for precise shifting every time.
  • Front and Rear Hayes Disc that is easy to control and provides great braking even in muddy conditions.
  • Monroe Triple Clamp to smooth your ride and increase your bike's handling.
  • Top of the line derailleur for smooth and precise shifting every time.
  • The handle bar position for more comfort and better control.
  • Free Wheel Hub that allows pedaling backwards without the brakes engaging.
  • Cushioned seat for support and comfort on long rides.
  • Rims made of aluminum-alloy, which is very strong and light.
  • Quick-Release Wheels that help remove your wheels by just opening the lever on the wheel hub.
  • Tyres have Knobby Feature with small raised knobs that help the tyres grip better in dirt and in mud.
  • Clipless Special pedals for use with compatible shoes that offer unmatched control.
Girls' Bicycle
Bicycles for girls have a strong and durable high-tensile steel frame and fork with a front caliper brake and a rear V-brake for stopping power. It features colorful graphics and includes a crossbar and top tube pad set for added safety.

  • Bike Frame made up of High Tensile Steel.
  • V-brake, a rear hand-operated brake for extreme braking power.
  • Hi-Tensile Fork Type.
  • Rims made from aluminum-alloy.
  • Tyre with small raised knobs that help the tires grip better in dirt and in mud.

Cycling Sporting Goods Exporters Sporting Goods Trade Leads

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