Cricket Bats

The most impotant equipment in the game of cricket is the cricket bat. Cricket is one of the favourite games for everyone and from kids to seniors to beginners to professional players, everyone owns a cricket bat. So, let's know about cricket bats- width, length, shapes of bats, their preparation and maintenance as well as the popular types of the cricket bats- the willow bats- the difference between English willow cricket bats and the Kashmir willow bats!

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Cricket Bats
Cricket Bat
Cricket bats have two main parts- Blade and Handle. Blade is made of special type of willow, specially Willow cricket bats (Salix, alba var, caerulea), while the handle is mainly made of cane. Willow wood has been the traditional material for making blades of cricket bats. This wood is very stiff, shock resistant, and light weight. Cane is very springy and light.

Willows Cricket bats are prepared for harvesting after 12 to 15 years of its plantation. When they are around 1.2 m in circumference at 150 cm above the surface and the height stand at 12 m.

Width and length of Cricket Bats
  • Width: The blade of the bat shall not exceed 4 1/4 inches (10.8cm) at the widest part.
  • Length: The overall length of the bat shall not be more than 38 inches/96.5cm in length.
  • Width of Protection layer of the blade: Some type of materials are used for covering the blade of the bat to provide strength, protection, or repair. The thickness of these materials shall not exceed 1/16 inches (1.56mm).

Cricket Bat Shape of a Cricket Bat
  • The main portions of a bat is the blade and the handle. The handle is cylindrical in shape and blade is flat.
  • The handle widens into the blade, a broad wooden block flat on one side and V-shaped on other side.
  • The flat side part used to hit the ball.
  • The joint where the handle widens into blade is called the blade of the bat.
  • The bottom part of the blade is known as toe.
Willow Cricket Bats Guide English Willow Cricket Bats or Kashmir Willow-- Willows can be of so many types and varieties, but English willow cricket bats and Kashmir willow cricket bats areblkpp[' two types that are most in use.

English Willow English willow is soft and fibrous wood. It offers magnificent rebound performance when the ball strikes the middle of the bat. Top order batsmen and beginners are advised to use English willow cricket bats

Kashmir Willow Though Kashmir willow has similar characteristics to English Willow, but it is harder, denser, more brittle, and therefore less responsive, when the ball strikes the middle of the bat. Kashmir Willow cricket bats are excellent for lower order batsmen and they offer excellent value for money

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Grades of English Willow Cricket Bats The English willow used is of different grades for players of different levels.
  • Test Grade willow: It is the best of English Willow, and is usually reserved for manufacturers own pro-players. Generally used by Professional Cricketers. This gradeis used for manufacturing special edition bats found in exclusive specialist cricket stores.
  • Grade I willow: It is considered the best willow for producing "high end" retail cricket bats, used by Professional and First Team Club Cricketers.
  • Grade II willow: It is also a high quality willow, used by First and Second Team Club Cricketers.
  • Grade III willow: It is used for manufacturing most non-covered retail cricket bats . Less responsive than the higher grade willow bats. Mostly used by club cricketers.
  • Grade IV willow: It is normally used for manufacturing budget cricket bats having many imperfections. They are less responsive and generally used by beginners.
Cricket Bat Preparation & Maintenance
  • After buying your bat, hit the bat firmly around 45 minutes to an hour with a mallet.
  • Oiling a bat is essential but over oiling will badly affect the performance of the bat. Never oil the splice of the bat as it may soften the glue around that.
  • After having finished the knocking session, start a net session using an old soft ball. At first you should bat defensively attempting to hit the ball in the middle of your bat.
  • Surface cracking or "crazy cracking" is normal and will not affect the performance of your bat, however the application of anti-scuff sheet will help minimize any surface damage.
  • During off season, store your bat in a cool dry atmosphere, flat and facing up. Be sure that it is well away from any heat or dampness.

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