Cue Chalks

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Chalks Cue chalk is placed on the tip of cue after every shot to provide a better grip which prevents the players from miscuing the shot. The tip of a cue is made up of different pliable materials like leather. Leather has a natural tendency to compress and harden after subsequent uses. With consequent shots the grip of the tip on the ball start declining which causes sliding off the ball. Here comes the use of Cue chalk, also known as pool chalk/snooker chalk.

Chalk buying Tips
Cue chalk comes in variety of colors. Match your felt color with the color of chalk to minimize visibility of dust on the surface of your table.
Pool Chalk prevents the tip of cue from slipping off the cue ball when taking a shot. Thus it helps and you must always have a pool chalk. Avoid using non-lead chalks, because the dust coming out from your lead chalk will hang around the table, floor and your clothing posing a potential long-term health risk.

Chalks are available in many colors such as blue, green, gold, brown and red. The chalks may be cue chalks or cone chalks.

Billiards/ Pool/ Snookers Sporting Goods Exporters Sporting Goods Trade Leads

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