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BilliardsBilliards, Pool, and Snooker all the three games come under cue sports. Cue sports refer to a wide variety of games played with a cue stick which is used to strike the cue balls. Actually the word "billiards" is the most familiar term known and used for cue games. Billiards is a series of cue games, and pool & snooker are its closest variations. These three variations almost resemble each other, slightly varying in rules and number of balls. We will take a close look at these games and try to know the main differences between them.

Billiards alone is played on a pocketless table, it is also popular as Carom billiards. It is played with three balls: two cue balls and one object ball. Scoring is done by striking the object balls with cue ball in specified ways. Carom billiards balls are larger than pool balls.

Pool is not a single game but it is series of many games which are played on tables with pockets. So it became popular as pocket billiards. Pocket billiards is the general name for a family of games resembling to billiards. Some famous version of this game is eight-ball, and nine-ball. Pool has now become the representative name for pocket billiards game. It is more famous than carom billiards.

Snooker is played on a large rectangular table of 12ft x 6ft or 3.6m x 1.8m, having six pockets to collect the balls. It is played using a cue stick and 22 balls, 15 red balls (with one point each), 6 balls of different colors (2-7 points), and a white cue ball. Points are scored by putting the balls in the pockets. It is particularly popular in English speaking regions, Commonwealth countries and in far east.

The origin and roots of snooker is related to India. During latter half of nineteenth century, billiards had been very popular among the British army officers stationed in India. As it was the evolution period of billiards, many other variations of the game was emerging. Snooker, pool, and carom billiards more popular than other versions. The first Snooker championship was organized by 1927, by Joe Davis, a professional billiards and snooker player. These type of championships helped the game to change from a pastime activity to a competing sport.

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