Baseball Gloves

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History of Baseball Gloves Baseball gloves first came in use in 1870's . Before that players have to catch the ball with bare hands. During the late 1800's players using gloves were teased. Gradually it became an integral part of the game. The basic idea behind the use of gloves was to create a glove that would pad and protect the players' hands and provide a cushion for catching the ball.

Different Parts of Baseball Gloves A Diagrammatic Representation of the parts of a baseball glove

Baseball Gloves

Size of baseball glovesBaseball gloves vary in sizes. You should choose one which best fits in your hand. Good fitting gloves help you to perform better on the field. On the basis of age different sizes of gloves are available :
  • Youth baseball gloves- These gloves are 8 to 12 inches.
  • Adult baseball gloves- These baseball gloves are 10.5 to 13 inches
  • Professional baseball gloves- The size of professional baseball gloves are up to 12 inches
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Baseball Glove Materials & Durability Baseball gloves are usually made of two materials : Leather baseball gloves and Synthetic baseball gloves.
  • Leather Baseball Gloves
    The leather baseball gloves can be used in manufacturing the gloves of many varieties.
    • Full-grain leather: Full Grain leather is cow hide or steer hide leather on which the entire natural grain remains. Leather baseball gloves made of full grain leather are heavier, and tend to be stiffer than other gloves. It has not been excessively buffed and the long-lasting leather requires a lengthy break-in.

    • Premium steer hide: Steer hide is derived from neutered bulls, and is stronger than cow hide. The leather baseball gloves made of this type of leather is high-grade, heavy, and stiff. However its quality is lesser than full-grain leather gloves. These gloves need a longer break-in. Some gloves come pre-oiled.

    • Top-grain leather: Top grain leather is usually a leather in which the "top" grain i.e. the fur side, is sanded off until the thickness reaches to a desired level. Then it is filled or treated with an artificial grain. This artificial grain is introduced in leather by pressing. It is thinner than full-grain leather. Top grain leather baseball gloves are very durable. Some gloves come pre-oiled.

    Few manufacturers use other animals skin for making baseball gloves/mitts. These are:
    Wool is selected for the baseball's inner windings.
    • Buffalo Skin: Buffalo skin is used by few manufacturers. Gloves made of it is costly. Usually they are tougher and lighter than full grain steer hide, but breaks in easily.

    • Kangaroo Skin: Kangaroo skin is fairly new to the baseball glove market. It is stronger than steer hide of any grade. It is light weight so used for glove backs.

    • Pigskin: Pigskin is much more flexible than cowhide and breaks in easily. However, it is less durable than cowhide and costs less. As the pigskin gloves are inexpensive, they are ideal for a youngster who wants a cheap but good-performing glove

  • Synthetic Baseball Gloves
    Materials such as vinyl or plastic are commonly used for making baseball gloves. Synthetic baseball gloves are cheaper than leather baseball gloves. But can be stiff and awkward. These can be a good option for starting young players who quickly outgrow or miss their first glove.
Gloves vs Mitts
Gloves and mitts are different thing and used by players of different positions. Main differences:
  • Gloves have fingers and mitts don't.

  • Mitts do a better job of controlling balls that don't hit in the pocket. They can aid scooping ground balls and short hops.

  • Catcher and first base are the only positions permitted to use mitts.

For information about different types of baseball gloves and mitts as well as for caring tips for new baseball gloves, go to Types of Baseball Gloves/ Mitts

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