Badminton Rackets

A badminton racket or badminton racquet is used to hit the shuttle in the game of badminton and constitute the main component of bandminton equipments. Badminton racket consists of a handled frame with an open hoop across which a network of string is woven. Choosing a badminton racquet require certain features like a balance of power and control, shape, weight, material, tension of string etc .

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Diagrammatic Representation of a Badminton Racket: Badminton Racket Parts The frame of badminton racquet consists of different parts. Each badminton racket part has its own specific features which determines the characteristics of a racket.

Badminton Rackets
Badminton Racket
  • Head
  • Stringed Area
  • Throat
  • Shaft
  • Handle
Shape Of Badminton Rackets
  • Oval Badminton Rackets-- It is the traditional shape of badminton sport racquets with a smaller & stronger sweets pot. It produces powerful shots but require precise aim to hit the shuttle.
  • Isometric Badminton Rackets-- This badminton racquet is rapidly gaining popularity because of its large sweet spot. No worry which part of racket is being used to hit the shuttlecock, you will get a decent shot.
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Standard Badminton Racquet Badminton racquet and shuttlecock are the important equipment used in badminton sport. A large range of badminton designs are available in the market but the sizes and shapes are defined and limited by the laws. Some interesting statistics about the racquet :
  • The overall length and width of a racket shouldn't exceed 680mm and 230mm respectively.
  • The standard weight of a top class racquet should be within 80g to 100g.
  • The stringed area of a racquet shall not exceed 280mm in length and 220mm in overall width.
Materials Used in the Badminton Racket
  • The traditional material used for making frame was wood. But wooden frame racquets are no longer in use because of excessive weight and cost.
  • Now most racquets are made of synthetic materials like carbon fiber, ceramics, titanium, boron, or alloys. Strength to weight ratio of carbon fiber is excellent as it gives tremendous kinetic energy transfer.
  • Prior to the application of carbon fiber composite, racquets were made of light metal like aluminum. These racquets are cheaper compared to other ones.
Badminton Racket Frames Badminton frames play an important part in deciding the nature of your game. The size, shape, and weight of different frames vary from one racket to another. You must keep these points in mind before buying a racquet.

Badminton Racquet with Heavier Frame A heavier frame has the following characteristics :
  • It generates more power.
  • It vibrates less.
  • It has a larger sweetspot.
Badminton Racquet with Stiffer Frame A stiffer frame has the following characteristics :
  • A stiffer frame transfer the shock load to the arm than a flexible frame.
  • It has a larger sweetspot.
  • It generates more power.
Badminton Racquet with Larger Frame A larger frame has the following characteristics :
  • A larger frame is more resistant to twisting.
  • It generates more velocity.
  • It generates more power.
  • It has a larger sweetspot.
Buying Tips for Badminton Rackets Before buying a racket following points should be considered so that you get the perfect racquet suiting your style of play.
  • Badminton requires a lot of wrist movement. Due to it, consideration of the weight of racket is important. Heavier racquets are preferred to those who have a stronger wrist and can use weight of racket to extract more power from it. So before buying compare the weight of the racquet to your wrist strength.

  • Tension in racket or badminton racquet strings is a balancing factor. Tension causes the shuttle to spring off the racquet. Rackets strung at higher tension provide great power. While rackets strung at lower tension give more control. Racquets are strung at 18 to 30 lb of tension. Basic guidelines on tension of strings :
    • Beginners-- 19-20 lbs
    • Intermediate players-- 21-24 lbs
    • Hard hitters-- 25+ lbs
  • Usually two types of grips are found in all types of badminton racquets. Towel grips are best for absorbing moisture, but need to be replaced frequently due to accumulation of germs. Synthetic grips are less sweat absorber hence less prone to germs.

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