Pole Vault

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The Pole vault is the most technical of Athletic events. In this event, a long, flexible pole is used as aid to leap over a bar. The bar is kept on a certain height supported by two upright stands. The jumper has to cross the bar without knocking it down. The landing area is covered with solid pieces of foam usually 1-1.5m thick, minimizing any chances of injury.

Historical View
Poles were used as practical means of crossing over the natural obstacles such as marshy provinces, in Netherlands. Pole jumping events were known to ancient Greeks. Competitive pole vaulting started with bamboo poles. Modern competitions started around 1850 in Germany.

Materials Earlier vaulting poles were made of stiff materials like bamboo, aluminum, tubular steel. These poles were too flexible to attain great heights.

Gradually the need of achieving greater height increased. Introduction of pole vaults that bends more easily under the compression caused by an athlete's take-off, made it possible.

These poles are made from composites such as fiberglass or carbon-fiber. These materials provide specific characteristics intended to promote higher jumps.

Before Buying : Poles are manufactured according to the corresponding vaulter's maximum weight.

The appropriate pole to be used is determined by your weight.

Never use a pole rated below your body weight.

Athletics Sporting Goods Exporters Sporting Goods Trade Leads

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