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JavelinWe are one of the most reputed manufacturer and supplier of atheletics javelin and javelin equipment. Javelin is a metal tipped spear used in an athletic event known as javelin throw. Unlike other throwing events, in javelin throw the thrower has to cover a long run-up area before throwing. It provides him certain forward velocity so that the javelin could be thrown up to the maximum distance.

In javelin throws only those throws are legal in which the tip of javelin touches the ground first. As it is considered a dangerous event, the throwing areas are restricted. Usually each participant get three or sometimes six chances. After throwing, a javelin can attain the speed up to 113 km/h (70 mph).

The main portion of a javelin is made of wooden shaft to which a sharp pointed metal tip is attached. The sharp tip helps the javelin to pierce the ground easily. Fiberglass and Carbon fiber is also used instead of wood. In the middle of javelin, a strip of threads or leather covers are winded to provide a solid grip.

Length of javelin
  • Men's javelin is 260cm (8.5 feet) in length.
  • Women's javelin is 220cm (7.25 feet) in length.
Weight of javelin
The weight of javelin varies according to age and gender. The related data is as follows :

Age 13-14 Years 15-16 Years 17-19 Years Adults
Male 600g 700g 800g 800g
Female 600g 600g 600g 600g

Holding & Throwing Technique
To achieve the maximum distance in javelin throw a thrower should follow certain points :
  • The grip on the javelin must remain firm behind the cord.

  • Palm of the hand holding the javelin must point to sky so as to provide a base for javelin to rest.

  • The throwing arm should be parallel to the ground.

  • Carry the javelin above shoulder or head.

  • The throwing elbow should be kept high and close to head. Javelin should be thrown over the head.

  • The feet should be in the line with throwing direction.

  • The javelin must run down the length of palm and not across it.

  • Head should remain in direction of throw

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