Compound Bows

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Compound Bows
Compound Bows
Compound bows today are extremely good and a marvelous hunting weapon. But irrespect to all technological developments, compound bows are still a very simple device. There are many brands of compound bows that manufacture this product and you can find the one according to your hunting spree. So any type of archery bow that is just according to your purpose, budget, skill level, strength, size and shooting style is the best for you.

Compound bow is actually a modern bow that uses the technology of pulley to bend the limbs. In case of compound bows the limbs are quiet stiff if compared to recurve or longbow. It remains the same in every season so change in humidity, and temperature does not make any difference in the performance of compound bows.

Holless Wilbur Allen in Missouri, in 1966 first of all developed the compound bow to which the US patent was given in 1969.

An Archer look for many characteristics in compound bow. These are:
  • Blazing fast performance
  • Smooth draw stroke
  • Very low hand shock
  • Light in weight
  • Compact
  • Easy to tune, adjust and affordable
Fast performance or speed is one of the major things that is looked by most of the archers while buying compound bows. Output actually depends upon the amount of energy your are putting in to stretch the string. After pulling the strings of compound bows inward, the limbs are also squeezed inwards.

Compound Bow Construction Compound bow has one central mount for other components like sights, limbs, quivers and stabilizers. Risers are made very rigid and the central risers are generally made from aluminum or magnesium.

To make limbs of compound bows composite material is used for high tensile strength. Limbs store energy for arrow.

End of the limb has cam or wheel. Shape of the cam vary with the bow designs. Cam store energy to limbs and there are different categories according to this which are known as bow eccentrics. These are

Single Cam, Hybrid Cam, Dual Cam and Binary Cam. Compound Bow Advantages Over other Bows Draw force is light as compare to other bows. So it is an energy efficient bow as compared to recurve or longbows.

There is no change in efficiency with change in humidity and temperature.

Cam's design controls the acceleration of arrow. Soft cam will give more acceleration than hard cam.

Compound Bow Major Brands
  • HOYT
  • Browning
  • Martin
  • PSE
  • Mathews Bows
Stores for Buying Compound Bows
  • Cabela's
  • eBay
  • Bass Pro
  • Gander Mountain
  • Walmart

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