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Archery Equipments

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Archery is an ancient game that is played with bow and arrow. To play archery an arrow is propelled with the help of a bow and traditionally it was used for hunting but now archery mostly is used as a recreational activity.

With the invention of gun archery was found lost somewhere behind the more paced technique of gun. But some people were in love with this traditional hunting game and revived it by putting it in many national and international games like Olympics, Asian Games etc. Modern archery requires not only the expertise skills but also the top class archery equipments to play the game from winning prospectives. Even the beginners should also buy the quality archery equipments as practice on right kind of archery equipment leads to right learning skills. Buy the beginners archery equipments if you are a beginner.

In European and American countries archery is played in the form of field archery where an archer shoot at targets displayed on wooden settings. But most of the rules that are followed in the game of archery are the rules of the International Archery Federation or Federation Internationale de Tir a l’Arc (FITA).

Archery Competitions There are basically two types of archery competitions based on the location. These are:

  • Indoor Archery Competitions
  • Outdoor Archery Competitions
  • Field Archery Competitions
Target for the indoor archery competitions is generally between 18 – 25 meters where as for outdoor competitions it is between 30 to 90 meters. Targets in both the cases can be round of rectangular.

Each archery target consists of round concentric rings of different color. Targeting and hitting the outermost ring means 1 point and the innermost means 10 points. And then there is one small ring in the center of the innermost ring. This is known as bull's eye.

Size of the target board differs from competition to competition.

In field archery competitions the target is can be anything in the open field. There are three types of rounds in this game of archery viz Field rounds, Hunter rounds and Animal rounds.

Field round has the fixed target of 80 yards at the maximum with target of bull's eye. For hunter round the target is kept up to 70 yards. It has black background and white bull's eye. In animal round two pictures of animal at varied distance are kept for targeting and to give game a real hunting experience.

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Archery Equipments
  • Bows
  • Bow Cases
  • Arrows
  • Fletchings
  • Archery Accessories
Bows: Bows is one of the fundamental archery equipments and consist of a string that is attached to the elastic limb.

Classification of Bows
  • Directly Drawn Bows
  • Mechanized Bows
  • Simple Straight Bow
  • Recurve Bow
  • Compound Bow
In directly drawn bows of archery equipment the construction of limb further classified the bow and this can be self bows, laminated and composite bows.

Based on the shape of the bow it can be simple straight bow and recurve bow. Archery equipment bow that is recurve has tips which goes away from the archer when bow is in unstrung position.

In compound bows the force to hold the fully drawn string is greatly reduced. Compound bows are mechanized bows.

These archery equipments are made in highest quality by the archery equipment manufacturers and suppliers.

Arrows: Arrows are another essential archery equipments that consists of a shaft and an arrowhead. The front end of an arrow is attached with fletchings and the other side with a nock. Shaft of an arrow of archery equipment is made up of fiberglass, wood, carbon fiber, aluminum alloy or composite material.

Wooden arrows wrap, fiberglass arrows are too brittle but efficient than wooden arrows. Aluminum arrows are quiet popular because these give a real good performance due to its light weight straightness and high speed. Carbon fiber arrows are even lighter than aluminum ones but today in most of the international archery competitions arrows made from composite material are used.

Fletchings: Fletching in most of the archery equipments is made from the feathers of the bird generally Turkey. In some cases solid plastic vanes and sheet like vanes are also used. Three fletches are commonly used and the number can reach to six. Two leads to unstable arrow where as three leads to more stability.

Protective Archery Equipments Archery is a game of shooting where an archer also need protection as friction with bowstring can cause irritation on the skin. So generally archer wears protective archery equipments to safeguard himself or herself. These consists of bracer also known as an arm guard. Bow arm protects the inside of bow arm as well as prevents the clothes for catching the bow string.

Then there are chestguards or plastrons that are worn by archers to protect their chests.

To protect fingers and hands special archery gloves are worn during the game.

Last but not the least there are rings that are worn in thumb to protect it while pulling the string. Finger guards are in the form of leather and can also be made from plastic.

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